11/04/2022, 2:48 PM
Hello, I currently have Rancher 2.6.6 running on EKS 1.22. When we attempt to use POST to /v3/monitormetrics?action=querycluster, we get the following error: { "baseType": "error", "code": "ServerError", "message": "get service account cattle-prometheus:cluster-monitoring for monitor failed, serviceaccounts \"cluster-monitoring\" not found", "status": 500, "type": "error" } We have monitoring enabled under cluster tools but I'm worried that this v3/monitormetrics is a throwback to an older pre-2.6 monitoring system that is no longer being supported in new versions. Is there an easy fix or at least a viable alternative? We really want to be able to prom query the cluster for any nodes that are running hot on CPU and up until now this has been a great way to do it. Thanks!