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11/01/2022, 9:27 PM
Hey, fleet is giving me an error when we use
in our fleet.yaml and point to a directory with a
file in it that references a github link like this
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apiVersion: <|>
kind: Kustomization

- <|>
The error we are getting is
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Error while running post render on files: accumulating resources: accumulation err='accumulating resources from '<|>': 'crds/' doesn't exist': no 'git' program on path: exec: "git": executable file not found in $PATH
It would appear that whatever fleet container is doing this processing does not have access to a git executable. We are working on figuring out what container this is and trying to do a custom build of it that includes git. However, I think the public image for this should include the git executable or some alternative to get this functionality working.