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# rancher-desktop
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Not (yet) supported, but should be possible, depending on the OS.
E.g. on macOS you have to pre-configure to run without
, so you don't get a dialog querying for the password. Of course it also means that you only get port-forwarding, and not a separate IP address for the VM.
Thank you - I want to install in on Linux, like Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04
The question is, how. Does installer on Linux require UI?
No, you can install rpm or deb package, and then run
rancher-desktop --no-modal-dialogs
You can specify kubernetes version (or disable it) as well
Nice, will try soon. Thank you @fast-garage-66093!
Oh, @fast-garage-66093 when I run it on Linux, do I run it as a regular user or root? I presume regular user, as it should be, and at some point I’ll have to provide root credentials. Can you elaborate on the process? To give you more context, I want to run a Linux Jenkins worker node, headless and unattended, and it might restart once in a while. Thanks!
You run as regular user; we should have a check in the latest version that prevents you from running as
Right thing to do, sure.
And on Linux there should be no prompt for the root credentials (because we don't yet support binding to external interfaces). Well, I'm not sure if we ask for credentials on Linux when you run with moby, to create the
Can you please verify this yourself; I won't have time to test this until tomorrow
We also have to use docker and docker-compose for the backwards compatibility, thus we’ll have to have this socket
I’ll verify this and get back to you, hopefully find time for it this week
Thank you for your help!