Hi community, as you might notice, we’ve seen some...
# harvester
Hi community, as you might notice, we’ve seen some reported issues in the upgrade path (v1.0.3 -> v1.1.0): • Network outage when upgrading node: ◦ See the top of the doc: https://docs.harvesterhci.io/v1.1/upgrade/v1-0-3-to-v1-1-0. This impacts the systems that have multiple NICs in the management network or with a ClusterNetwork pre-configuration. • Failing jobs during upgrades. • [BUG] Host IP is inconsistent: a node switches to IPv6 node IP after rebooting. To fix those issues, we plan to have a patched release v1.1.1 on Nov 22nd. Meanwhile, we also removed v1.1.0 from our upgrade responder service. For existing v1.0.3 clusters, we’d suggest checking if the clusters will be affected by these issues first.
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