10/31/2022, 3:42 PM
Hi all, (at last, I can edit the message properly 😉 ) I am facing an error after a Rancher Server backup and failed restoration. After this, one of the downstream clusters is returning :
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[ERROR] error syncing 'fleet-default/custom-15ddd872d7da': handler unmanaged-machine: the server has asked for the client to provide credentials (get nodes <node_fqdn)), requeuing
After some time digging into the logs of every components involved, I think the credentials to connect to the downstream cluster (RKE2 on-premise cluster deployed by Rancher server) from Rancher Server (v. 2.6.8 deployed on RKE on-premise cluster) are not valid anymore because of the failed restoration. Could you help me to fix the issue?
If I have to get some logs and put here or any other information, just ask..