# rancher-desktop


10/31/2022, 10:38 AM
Hello all... I have an issue with Rancher Desktop and volumes mapping... My project is a .net6 web api with a docker-compose.yml file that was working perfectly with Docker Desktop. I have uninstalled Docker Desktop and installed Rancher Desktop instead. In Visual Studio 2022 when i run my project, the containers are mounted by Rancher Desktop, the file system volumes mapping are made but no files are available in container mapped volumes directories 😞 In my docker-compose.yml, i have : volumes: - /d/secrets/google:/var/secrets/google I have 3 files in d:\secrets\google on my local computer and 0 files in /var/secrets/google at runtime, why ??? Error reading credential file from location /var/secrets/google/key.json: Could not find file '/var/secrets/google/key.json' Thanks a lot for your help !