10/30/2022, 12:58 PM
@creamy-pencil-82913 Looks like I need your help again! Looks like the rancher provisioned nodes don't request DHCP lease renewal. After a reboot of the nodes, their IPs changed and broke the cluster. I tried to scale down to single node and run
rke2 server --cluster-reset
but due to an accident, rancher marked all nodes for deletion. I quickly exported an etcd snapshot of the database because rancher is now creating brand new nodes with a new database. I also disabled the account the vSphere Cloud Provider uses to talk to vcenter to stop the new cluster from deleting the volumes. It happened to me before. Is there a way in which I can safely restore the etcd database on the newly created nodes?
Rancher allowed me to hit the scale down button enough times to bring the node count to 0 - removing all the nodes and hence destroying the cluster. Shouldn't this be validated and blocked? By removing all nodes you lose all ETCD backups.
Currently, I'm stuck with
waiting for viable init node
, the nodes are not even provisioning.