10/28/2022, 1:57 PM
New User / Win 11 22H2 n RD 1.6.1 / I created several images for my app suite, they all went to default image NS / doc implies they should go to image NS / also I think I accidentally created a image NS. 1) How do I move my app image NS from default to 2) How do delete the image NS I think I created?


10/28/2022, 4:36 PM
I'm not aware of a way to move your images from one namespace to another - you might have to delete them and rebuild them in the new namespace. If you run
nerdctl --help
, you will see the global
option that lets you specify what namespace the command you are running applies to. Regarding creating and deleting namespaces,
nerdctl namespace --help
should tell you what you need to know 😃


10/29/2022, 4:10 PM
@jolly-forest-99711 So - what "worked" fairly quickly for me; from nerdctl I "saved" the image as a tar file (fast and local) / then I simply reloaded the tar file it into the "image namespace" using the "load" (from that tar file) image nerdctl command / after this was done / I was then able to issue the kubectl commands to create the pod and run the pod. I deleted the erroneous "image namespace" easily from the Rancher Desktop UI. This was much faster than "rebuilding the image" from the Rancher Desktop UI into the correct "image namespace". The docs should specify and distinguish "image namespace" from "cluster namespace" each time - as this "image namespace" requirement of that Rancher Desktop has for nerdctl must use as NOT evident when "building" or "pulling" container images using the Rancher Desktop UI. The Rancher Desktop UI uses the default container image "tag" vs "" tag when building or pulling container images - and this process sometimes takes a long time. FYI
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