10/28/2022, 1:43 PM
Morning, I had asked a while back about splitting ETCD from the rest of the control plane with RKE2 and while we determined it wasn't required I was asked to present an example of it. I didn't find Rancher / RKE2 specific instruction for doing so but I did find this: Everything appears to have worked using those instructions, but I wanted to see if there were was anything wrong with what that article presents? Or if there is Rancher / RKE2 specific documentation I could be pointed towards? think this was the closest I could find on the subject (


10/28/2022, 4:25 PM
The documentation at also works for RKE2. We just haven’t ported it over yet. Initially we were only going to support etcd-only / control-plane-only nodes when provisioned through Rancher so the docs intentionally didn’t cover it, but that stance has weakened.
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