10/27/2022, 7:27 AM
Hi everyone, can anybody point me in the right direction? I'm running rancher desktop on windows with WSL. Before this I had another ubuntu WSL distro that I've been using to play around with some dotnet development work. But after adding the second WSL environment with Rancher Desktop I can no longer access the application from the other WSL while running both of them at the same time. Is this even supported ? I saw that there is a lot of stuff going on on the networking side to make this work with Kubernetes and looking though this slack history and the github issues there is a lot to take in here. Is there any tips on how to have both working using the local host address space or any docs that I need to read to figure this out ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


10/27/2022, 5:03 PM
Are you sure you don't have some kind of port collision going on? Have you tried changing the listening port for the application in the non-RD WSL distro? @calm-sugar-3169 this seems like it's up your alley - does it bring anything to mind?


10/27/2022, 5:34 PM
@miniature-doctor-7866 The network stack is shared across multiple distros in WSL so it is highly possible that your requests are landing somewhere else now having said that, what error are you seeing when trying to access your app?


10/28/2022, 6:36 AM
I think that might have been it. I was initially running with port 5000
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dotnet run --urls "<>"
Now running with port 9991 seems to be working, so maybe there was some port overlapping. Thank you so much for the help.
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