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I fear you're correct there, though YAML is pretty easy to generate if needed. 1. port is a single instance field (btw: you're missing the
there), so you cannot merge them all into a single item 2. there's no default node filter unfortunately, at least if you have more than one single node 3. we support port-ranges, but with your example, that won't work
@wide-garage-9465 โ€” Thanks for the super quick response. Bummer. Certainly I can generate it, but reading and maintaining it is yet another thing. Seems like I would be better off just using the command line switches rather than the YAML file. I had wanted to move to YAML for easier maintenance, but that doesn't seem to be the case for our needs. ๐Ÿ˜ž
Feature request, maybe?
Just to illustrate why it would be painful:
Okay, so you're mapping nodePorts, right? Are they all needed or can you use ingress for some of them?
Sadly, I am still new enough to k8s/k3s/k3d that I don't know how to answer that yet. ๐Ÿ˜ž
Part of what I am trying to do is take this project and get my arms around it to develop the expertise needed to understand those kind of questions.
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k3d cluster \
create "${KUBE_CLUSTER_NAME}" \
-p 9001:30001@server[0]  `# state-svc` \
-p 9999:30002@server[0]  `# state-svc-graphql` \
-p 40001:30003@server[0] `# state-svc-dlv` \
-p 8002:30004@server[0]  `# maildev` \
-p 9000:30005@server[0]  `# license-svc` \
-p 5432:30006@server[0]  `# postgres` \
-p 8081:30007@server[0]  `# keycloak` \
-p 8082:30008@server[0]  `# studio` \
-p 8100:30009@server[0]  `# kafka-ui` \
-p 8005:30010@server[0]  `# minio-server` \
-p 8006:30028@server[0]  `# minio-ui` \
-p 9090:30011@server[0]  `# prometheus-ui` \
-p 3000:30012@server[0]  `# grafana-ui` \
-p 40002:30015@server[0] `# jobworker-dlv` \
-p 40003:30016@server[0] `# licensesvc-dlv` \
-p 16686:30018@server[0] `# jaeger-ui` \
-p 8083:30019@server[0]  `# cortex` \
-p 8084:30020@server[0]  `# cortex tenant` \
-p 8085:30021@server[0]  `# cortex nginx gateway` \
-p 15000:30023@server[0] `# azurite-blob` \
-p 8080:30024@server[0]  `# apisvc-gateway ngnix` \
-p 25:30025@server[0]    `# maildev-smtp` \
-p 9002:30031@server[0]  `# auth-svc` \
-p 30026:30026@server[0] `# cellagent` \
-p 30027:30027@server[0] `# cellagent-ui` \
-p 8086:30086@server[0]  `# swagger-ui` \
-p 8087:30087@server[0]  `# swagger-editor` \
--no-lb \
--registry-use k3d-registry.localhost:5000 \
--registry-config "${KUBE_REGISTRIES}" \
--image rancher/k3s:v1.23.8-k3s1 \
--k3s-server-arg '--kube-proxy-arg=conntrack-max-per-core=0'
@wide-garage-9465 โ€” Another related question: On it says "same as `--registry-config /path/to/config.yaml`" but I don't see
anywhere in the YAML. Is this the correct syntax, or something else?
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  config: /path/to/config.yaml
Yep, this is correct
Thank you.