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You’re intended to edit the cluster in Rancher to do what you want. While you can edit the config files directly on the node, that might conflict with the Rancher-managed config.
The cluster edit form on the Rancher side has fields to set custom args and the like, use that.
the challenge in this case is that we have specific nodes which need things like specific kubelet args for a larger resource reservation for system services, but it needs to be per-node
we’re looking now at just adding the config directly as a supplemental
file to allow the config to persist as well as update over time
I do see now the label matcher for per-node kubelet args as well
yeah that’d be the right way to do it. If you want to get hands-on you could add more configuration files to the config.yaml.d directory; just make sure that they don’t conflict with the files managed by the rancher system agent. and know that you’re now on your own for maintaining the content of those files.