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have you run rancher as an admin at any point? I feel like import is one of the features that requires admin to complete. After its imported RD should be able to run in either mode
I also had the same issue
Main issue was that it was unable to install wsl2 by itself
So you can first install wsl2
But don't forget to first uninstall Rancher
And when wsl2 has been installed, you can install Rancher
For me case, it didn't able to install the wsl2 by itself
@wide-mechanic-33041 Maybe something that you can investigate further as there is some issue with Alphine swl2 installation with RD
Thank you, everyone!
@nutritious-librarian-97701 Thanks!I'll try it。
Now my RD has run successfully. Previously, because my machine did not have "Hardware Virtualization" enabled, set "Hardware Virtualization" to enable and reboot the machine, and then RD ran successfully.
well not w SUSE/Rancher… just your friendly neighborhood spiderman. I think RD’s import works fine, but I think its folks trying to orchestrate the hypervisor framework and WSL bits as part of the install is where things go wrong. The reboot needs to be there after otherwise stuff doesn’t work. I see it on a number of these WSL2 integrated products. Easier to test as a prereq, offer to kickoff install and reboot while suggesting folks try the install again after reboot.
Thank you for your reply.