10/20/2022, 4:43 PM
hello guys, We're not able to add new nodes to the cluster. The node appears in Registering state in Rancher UI and nothing happens after. in Rancher logs we have this
2022/10/20 13:26:17 [INFO] Handling backend connection request [c-qfkfg:m-7dde54e01d9f]
2022/10/20 13:26:17 [DEBUG] cluster [c-qfkfg]: created node plan for node [m-7dde54e01d9f]
2022/10/20 13:26:17 [DEBUG] getDockerInfo for node [m-7dde54e01d9f] dockerInfo [/var/lib/docker]
2022/10/20 13:52:41 [DEBUG] Failed to get node for machine [m-7dde54e01d9f], preparing to delete
on a new node agent logs
time="2022-10-20T13:50:15Z" level=info msg="Starting plan monitor, checking every 120 seconds"
We see no other errors. Any ideas how could we get nodes join cluster again?