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10/18/2022, 12:06 AM
I am stuck on a networking problem in setting up Rancher in HA mode and would appreciate any advise on how to solve the issue. What I am trying to active is to not expose the Rancher cluster nodes by putting them on a different subnet behind a load balancer.
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Load Balancer  VM IPs - and
3 Rancher cluster nodes IPs - 172.16.11/16,
These VMs are on a physical server on which I have created two IPs on the same interface - and
I am able to ing between the host and each VM. I am also able to ping between LB and the Rancher VMs. I am unable to curl the RKE2 download
curl -sfL <> | sudo sh -
. from the Rancher VMs. Basically curl fails even on and Curl does work from the LB VM.