Hi community, I’m trying to expand Rancher RKE1 r...
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Hi community, I’m trying to expand Rancher RKE1 running as network plugin Calico. The current cluster is formed by three Lenovo SR630 servers, Now I want to add three Virtual machines as control plane and etcd nodes, but when I make the expansion I notice an error on readiness probe of calico with following message: “Readiness probe failed: calico/node is not ready: BIRD is not ready: Error querying BIRD: unable to connect to BIRDv4 socket: dial unix /var/run/bird/bird.ctl: connect: no such file or directory”. On the logs of the calico node I also noticed the following message: “bird: Netlink: File exists” I searched possible solutions but I don’t find any solutions. I also recreated the same network scheme on the vms, creating linux bond as the one I have on the Lenovo servers. There is anybody on this channel that faced similar problems?