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# rancher-desktop
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It means that in your
file you have another cluster defined, with the name
. So if you are running any
command from your shell, you will be talking to that cluster, and not the one provided by Rancher Desktop.
Or you would just get an error if that cluster was created a long time ago and no longer exists.
You can switch the context either using the Rancher Desktop tray icon, or from the commandline with
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kubectl config use-context rancher-desktop
Gotcha. Thanks!
From a usability perspective, it would be great to either have that hint in the warning itself or perhaps a link to a FAQ or documentation on the rancher desktop site.
I know; just about to copy your feedback to a thread about it. đŸ™‚
(well, at least for us newbies đŸ™‚ )
We just added the diagnostics feature in the 1.6.0 release, and it is mostly just plumbing so far; there are only a handful of checks so far. And we do have the functionality to add a link to the diagnostic, but it is currently empty because the corresponding doc landing page did not exist yet.
But I also think the message could provide mode information directly, as well as hints on how to fix it.
I do have multiple kube contexts available, so now that I know that that’s what it’s talking about, it makes sense.
Thanks for your help!
You are welcome!