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10/13/2022, 3:05 PM
hello everyone, i'm using rancher with calico, as i see My firewall can see my k8s ClusterIP, like that source (nodeIP) destination (clusterIP) and i whant to disable traffice route from my k8s cluster to my firewall i have not BGP configuration i have only this configuration: question how can i disable announce my cluster ip to outside of k8s i whant when pod trying to connect clusterIP don't go to outside from node connect from inside bettwing nodes root@rke-worker04:~# k get default-ipv4-ippool -o yaml apiVersion: kind: IPPool metadata: annotations: '{"uid":"38607f3c-c3cc-4a57-be59-3652f1b055aa","creationTimestamp":"2022-09-19T063420Z"}' creationTimestamp: "2022-09-19T063420Z" generation: 1 name: default-ipv4-ippool resourceVersion: "42199" uid: 167f9f78-d05f-4233-8bc1-4f60dc93a51a spec: allowedUses: - Workload - Tunnel blockSize: 26 cidr: ipipMode: Never natOutgoing: true nodeSelector: all() vxlanMode: CrossSubnet