# k3d


10/13/2022, 9:44 AM
Hello. I am using K3D for K3S and I would like to parametrize from the command line (or even as a variable) the value of a chart manifest used with the autodeploy feature. More explicitly, I have created a HelmChart resource in
and in that resource, I have used spec.set to change the value of some property. The value to the property is delivered via an environment variable at the moment as I cannot think of any other way after looking at the options from k3s. Would someone have an idea, how I could parametrize my chart or if the way I have done it is correct, how do I supply the value. Thanks. Sample:
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  helmVersion: v3
  repo: <>
  chart: gitlab-runner
  targetNamespace: gitlab-runners
    runners.tags: "$my_tag"