# rke2


10/11/2022, 2:19 PM
Hi, I have an RKE2 cluster with restored etcd. After cluster reset, master2 got online but it didn't connect back to Rancher. Checking rancher-system-agent logs show Oct 11 140938 worker2 rancher-system-agent[1210]: time="2022-10-11T140938Z" level=error msg="[K8s] Received secret that was nil" Oct 11 140943 worker2 rancher-system-agent[1210]: time="2022-10-11T140943Z" level=error msg="[K8s] Received secret that was nil" It appears, that the rancher agent does not have the proper token to register the cluster with Rancher. How do I get rancher-system-agent to reconnect?
If I import an RKE2 cluster to Rancher, will it behave the same as one created using the Rancher interface (custom cluster)? If there are no differences after importing, then I could simply drop the cluster definition in Rancher, import RKE2 and set the cluster members (apart from installing some applications through Rancher, the only thing I did was to specify cluster members). Reading the relevant documentation it only gives specifics for K3S clusters and not for RKE2. I know that RKE2 is similar to a K3S cluster but not quite the same.
I tried importing RKE2 but it lacks a couple of features, namely the etcd snapshots or the certificate rotations and who knows what else. So the question remains: how do I reconnect to Rancher?