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I've done a lot things to try and identify the issue but the only thing I can see is that switching versions of RKE2 has an effect. I know that that also introduces an upgrade of cilium. Also those pods are in an istio service mesh. If anyone has any ideas, even just something that might be useful to dig through I would be greatly appreciative! Thank you!
I can give you a handful of issues potentially related to cilium or networking since then! • It’s possible I missed some, but as you can see a lot of those are just version bumps. The two most notable things here are the dualstack support that was added and the update of ingress-nginx removing
hostNetwork: true
, but this last one even is more an effect on ingress resources than anything else
You might also check to see if istio lists supported CNI versions
Are you using istio following cilium integration ( or it was deployed without it?