09/20/2022, 12:41 PM
Further info: helm: # Use a custom location for the Helm chart. This can refer to any go-getter URL or # OCI registry based helm chart URL e.g. "oci://". # This allows one to download charts from most any location. Also know that # go-getter URL supports adding a digest to validate the download. If repo # is set below this field is the name of the chart to lookup chart: teleport-cluster # A https URL to a Helm repo to download the chart from. It's typically easier # to just use
field and refer to a tgz file. If repo is used the # value of
will be used as the chart name to lookup in the Helm repository. repo: # A custom release name to deploy the chart as. If not specified a release name # will be generated. releaseName: teleport-cluster # The version of the chart or semver constraint of the chart to find. If a constraint # is specified it is evaluated each time git changes. # The version also determines which chart to download from OCI registries. version: 10.2.2 # Any values that should be placed in the
and passed to helm during # install. valuesFiles: - values.yaml # Override immutable resources. This could be dangerous. force: false # Set the Helm --atomic flag when upgrading atomic: false clusterName: prm Any help appreciated. Tia


09/21/2022, 10:16 PM
Seems you miss the clusterName in values.yaml. Which is the content of your values.yaml file?


09/22/2022, 12:49 AM
yes i did. i got confused by the same value that fleet uses. my apologies for this post. thank you for the help @quick-sandwich-76600
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