# longhorn-storage


09/20/2022, 12:07 PM
Starting a new thread with this. I'm having trouble getting CSI snapshots to work with Longhorn (Rancher 2.6.8, Longhorn 1.3.1, RKE1 or RKE2 both have the issue), K8S 1.22. I followed the directions to the letter here: I verified that my backup area works, and that snapshots function through the GUI. When I try to create the snapshot through the CSI, it doesn't seem to actually do anything. Kubernetes accepts the yaml, and creates a VolumeSnapshot object, but Longhorn doesn't do anything. Any idea where I can look for messages to indicate what's going on? Thanks.
Ok, maybe I have it working by having the snapshot controller exist in the same namespace as the volumes (which makes sense), but would I need to deploy this in EVERY namespace that needed snapshots created?
I just tried a new namespace and am now getting an error: Failed to create snapshot content with error snapshot controller failed to update test1 on API server: cannot get claim from snapshot
I think I'm in business now. Part of my issue was that I forgot a couple of namespace changes in the external-snapshotter configuration and it was making it not work across the entire cluster.
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