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i would try a ‘factory reset’ then uninstall in that situation
I uninstall using the "Add/Remove Programs" feature, and it normally works
@fast-garage-66093 That's how I'm uninstalling. It's a very quick process. Unfortunately, it appears to leave a lot of files behind. When I re-install, existing files are not replaced.
@hallowed-forest-65526 "Factory reset" from the rancher desktop settings? Rancher desktop doesn't start, so I can't get to the settings. Is there another factory reset option"?
There is an open bug about the distros not being removed during uninstall: Uninstall leaves WSL distros behind · Issue #1504 · rancher-sandbox/rancher-desktop
I'll take a look tomorrow to see if there are any manual uninstall instructions
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I'm sorry, I didn't find any script or instructions today; I'll see if I have time to research this myself tomorrow. I guess this shows that the "Factory Reset" functionality needs to be moved to
so it is accessible even RD itself doesn't start.
rdctl factory-reset
exists, but it just sends a command to RD to perform the action, which obviously fails when RD isn't running.
Same scenario with OP and now I have this situation at hand: