09/14/2022, 9:11 AM
Hi all, I’m trying to upgrade the version of rke on our clusters. We have openstack as the cloud provisioner with rke 1.2.7. If we try to create a new cluster using that with the in-tree openstack provider, it all works fine. I have been trying to upgrade to 1.3.12 (also tried 1.3.14), when I try that version with the in-tree openstack provider the connection to the openstack API fails. I have been trying to use the external cloud provisioner and apply the helm chart for the openstack cloud controller manager, but that also fails with a message about
failed to try resolving symlinks in path…
. I can’t find any information in the rke documentation about using the external cloud provider, so I’m not sure if it is supported (I may have missed it!). Has anyone successfully used rke with the external cloud provider with the Openstack cloud controller manger and the cinder CSI plugin?