09/08/2022, 2:15 PM
Hi Rancher Team, I have an RKE2 in production based on v1.21.5+rke2r1. We need to upgrade to v1.23.4+rke2r2 (this is very specific). I upgrade by stopping the rke2 service, uploading the new version and restarting the service. However, this intermittently passed/fails. We have also seen this in our Dev/QA env. i.e Starting/Restarting Rke2 service


09/08/2022, 6:27 PM
the Kubernetes project recommends that you do the following to benefit from as many regression and bug fixes as possible during your upgrade:
• Ensure that components are on the most recent patch version of your current minor version.
• Upgrade components to the most recent patch version of the target minor version.
For example, if you’re running version 1.24, ensure that you’re on the most recent patch version. Then, upgrade to the most recent patch version of 1.25.
You also cannot skip any minor versions. Going directly from 1.21 to 1.23 is not supported. You should go to latest 1.21, then latest 1.22, then latest 1.23


09/08/2022, 7:02 PM
Thanks Brandon