08/31/2022, 12:29 PM
Hello, I am experiencing this issue with RD on Windows 10
- I have pointed Docker Registry to our private repository in .m2/setting.xml.
• Now when I try to build images from the docker file, things work fine when the images are fetched from private repo
• But there is another requirement where we use base image from public docker hub [docker/io] repository and now when i try to build the image, its searching in private repo and not falling back to docker hub
• Earlier when docker registry was not pointing to private repo then it was searching/fetching in/from docker hub
• Also, when i pull the base image say nginx from command line > docker pull nginx it works abs fine
• Not sure what and how RD needs to be told - if the image not found in private repo search docker hub
Sorry forgot to mention, build images happening thru io.fabric8 docker-maven-plugin... is it a plugin issue?? RD pulls images correctly... Please ignore for now.. was unable to delete this issue..
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