08/31/2022, 12:08 PM
Hi, I updated from rancher 2.6.4 to 2.6.8 and users are unable to deploy applications from the rancher api, they get the following message:
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Rancher faced an issue (CONFLICT) during the deployment of server: [...] info: an <|> already exists with ID [...] in namespace [...]"}
I think the bit up to “info” comes from their code, so it’s just expressing a 409 I guess. I checked the crd and it exists. What’s interesting is when I visit
I see a list of apps, but when they try to upgrade one, they get that error and the app disappears from that list
I tried deleting the crd entry for the app and the user is now able to create apps with the same api call, but the app fails to deploy, we’re seeing this error in the rancher logs:
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[WARNING] Error: Kubernetes cluster unreachable: unknown
and a similar condition on the app
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  "lastUpdateTime": "2022-08-31T12:16:18Z",
  "message": "failed to install app [...]. Error: Kubernetes cluster unreachable: unknown\n",
  "reason": "Error",
  "status": "False",
  "type": "Installed"