08/30/2022, 11:00 AM
Hi! I've come across an odd issue when setting VM memory in Rancher Desktop: VM memory does not seem to actually change when I adjust it in Preferences>Virtual Machine. This is on a M1 mac, using 1.5.1 I first suspected this when my docker images were limited to 2.91GiB, but verified by checking in the shell for lima-rancher-desktop and doing
cat /proc/meminfo
, seeing
MemTotal:        3050784 kB
docker info
Total Memory: 2.909GiB
. So far, I've attempted factory resetting Rancher Desktop, to no avail. Has anyone experienced something like this? Any tips for things I could try in order to correct it?
Application Support/rancher-desktop/lima/0/lima.yaml
does specify the right amount of memory - it just doesn't seem to take effect when the VM starts 😮
Updating OSX seems to have solved this. Leaving this here in case someone searches for a similar issue later.
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09/16/2022, 1:21 PM
Putting this here for others: - Looks like you need OSX 12.4+ on a M1 Mac. Not sure how to fix it without upgrading.