08/29/2022, 5:34 AM
Hi @strong-glass-25362 I was looking on how to send you an invitation when I noticed you managed to join already, so welcome ! After creating the services, the command you want to run in order to "bind" it to the application is
epinio service bind
but this assumes the application is already created. The
flag of the
command is there to bind existing configurations but the service configurations are only created the first time the service is bound to an application. So there is a chicken-egg problem here. The solution I think is: •
epinio service create...
epinio app create...
(beware, this is "create" not "push") •
epinio service bind
(now the application exists, so this is possible) •
epinio push
let me give it a try myself to save some back an forth between timezones if this doesn't work.
👍 1
btw, maybe we could add a flag to
epinio push
to bind services too in one step, like we do for existing configurations.
ok I tried the flow, it works as expected


08/29/2022, 11:11 PM
Thank you Dimitris !! i deployed succesfully my app following your steps