# k3s


08/27/2022, 11:14 AM
Hi there! I have a bit of a problem at hand, one of our less eperienced fellows upgraded k3s by several versions at once, from before 1.22 to 1.24, this of course caused mayhem for a ot of workloads and clients that relied on older APIs. Traefik ingress is one of those, as of now all of our ingresses are down. Since there was an instance of traefik v1.81 present on the cluster at the time of upgrade, k3s did not touch it, but of course, now traefik complains that it cannot find
which was deprecated in 1.22. Is there a traefik v1 version that i can upgrade to that supports
? I'd rather not update traefik to v2 since i'd have to migrate all of our ingresses, many of which are rmanaged by helm charts. Would nginx be compatibe with standard Ingress resources? Is a migration from traefiik v1.81 to nginx ingress feasible without modifying existing ingress resources? Thank you