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I confirm editing the share-mnt process in the nodePlan (from did the trick. I unlocked rancher-agent from pulling the agent image.
So there's clearly a bug on the Rancher side.
What I did is: Add the following annotation to rancher server ingress (since I was not able to find an existing unauthentified endpoint that serves the server version):
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<|>: |
                location /rancher-version {
                    return 200 '${rancher_current_version}';
And then, in my cloud-init, add the following step before starting the rancher-agent:
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# Pull latest Rancher agent
rancher_current_version=$(curl -sfSL ${rancher_url}/rancher-version)
docker pull "${docker_registry_url}/rancher/rancher-agent:$rancher_current_version"
So, when the Rancher agent connects and checks if the share-mnt image is present, docker says yes and the pull is skipped: