# general


08/25/2022, 2:28 PM
I'm running rancher v2.6.5 and wanted to create a RKE2 custom cluster. But I receive an error message: "failed to create fleet-default/stagecluster2, Kind=Cluster for rke-cluster fleet-default/stagecluster2: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "": the server could not find the requested resource". How do I diagnose the webhhok? Trying to provision a node results in: [INFO] Successfully downloaded the rancher-system-agent binary. [INFO] Generating Cattle ID curl: (52) Empty reply from server [ERROR] 000 received while downloading Rancher connection information. Sleeping for 5 seconds and trying again
Kindly, could anyone give me some hints?
From what I can see, some things cant reach the cluster api, example upgrading the rancher-webhook fails with a log message about the upgrade not able to reach the kubernetes api. I would like to figure out on what address the rancher-webhook are trying to reach the api?
I solved it by running "rke up". That re-created or restarted whatever were wrong