# kubernetes


08/23/2022, 5:50 AM
trying to upgrade kubernetes on my local cluster v2.6.6 - I first downloaded rke 1.3.12, we were using 1.2.2 before and running on k8s 1.19.3. and then on running the rke up command I run into WARN[0196] [etcd] host [161.211.xx.xx] failed to check etcd health: failed to get /health for host [161.211.xx.xx]: Get "https://161.211.xx.xx:2379/health": remote error: tls: bad certificate FATA[0196] [etcd] Failed to bring up Etcd Plane: etcd cluster is unhealthy: hosts [161.211.xx.xx] failed to report healthy. Check etcd container logs on each host for more information The etcd logs show that its not able to trust the CA - kube-ca is being used. tried to rotate the cert, ran into a diff issue - "FATA[0000] Failed to rotate certificates: can't find old certificates" any ideas would be greatly appreciated.