08/21/2022, 8:49 AM
Hi, I am facing issues to add a new node by following the steps at https://docs.rke2.io/install/quickstart/. rke2 version v1.23.9+rke2r1 (2d206eba8d0180351408dbed544c852b6b4fdd42) for both server and node node side: cat /etc/rancher/rke2/config.yaml server: token: xxxx:­čśĺerver:xxxxx erro log: iting to retrieve agent configuration; server is not ready: failed to retrieve configuration from server: 401 Unauthorized" Server side: The token above is from /var/lib/rancher/rke2/server/node-token Aug 21 16:49:01 tusdesign rke2[907]: time="2022-08-21T16:49:01+08:00" level=error msg="Failed to authenticate request from invalid username/password combination" ======================================== Was able to add another node