# general


08/19/2022, 10:06 AM
Hi! I just try to spin up a GitLab instance via Docker container on Rancher. However, I am hitting the problem that, after each restart of the Pod the data is completly reset. I use a StatefulSet which crates a Persistent Volume Claim on Longhorn. On Longhorn it also really creates this claim and puts data in it. However after a reastart of the Pod it does not use this data, but creats everything anew. The amount of data in Longhorn does not change, but I guess this is because this it it just overwrites everything. I think my error is that I translate the mount points of the GitLab image falsely into the UI fields offered by rancher. Following this guide ( and this documentation: I entered this: • gitlab-etc:/etc/gitlab • gitlab-opt:/var/opt/gitlab • gitlab-log:/var/log/gitlab into the mount point fields (see picture). What am I doing wrong?


08/19/2022, 6:36 PM
It looks like the tutorial is from 2017 - it pertains to Rancher 1 which we don't recommend using. I'm thinking that GitLab and Rancher went through some breaking changes and it might be better to rely on GitLab documentation for how to deploy it on Kubernetes