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If I use k3s-arg, the cluster stalls while creating:
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k3d cluster create --k3s-arg="--datastore-endpoint=<>"
INFO[0000] Prep: Network                                
INFO[0000] Created network 'k3d-k3s-default'            
INFO[0000] Created image volume k3d-k3s-default-images  
INFO[0000] Starting new tools node...                   
INFO[0000] Starting Node 'k3d-k3s-default-tools'        
INFO[0001] Creating node 'k3d-k3s-default-server-0'     
INFO[0001] Creating LoadBalancer 'k3d-k3s-default-serverlb' 
INFO[0001] Using the k3d-tools node to gather environment information 
INFO[0001] HostIP: using network gateway address 
INFO[0001] Starting cluster 'k3s-default'               
INFO[0001] Starting servers...                          
INFO[0001] Starting Node 'k3d-k3s-default-server-0'
wait... Figured it out. doesn't route from inside the environment? It seems to work if I use the external ip of my server instead
You can use host.k3d.internal to route to the docker host where the cluster is running on
Cool! Thank you