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try using a specific tag of rancher, not
. That way you end up with a released version.
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docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped --privileged -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -e CATTLE_BOOTSTRAP_PASSWORD=yourpassword123 rancher/rancher:v2.6.6 --trace
should work.
Ok… I’ll try that next… it looks like there was drama with running things on over ZFS so I’m moving things back to an EXT4 volume and we’ll see where it goes from there… I’ll try the specific version next!
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That doesn’t seem to be working either… it created the pod but don’t seem to start it, and there a no logs, not even anything telling me whats wrong.
It’ also seems to be creating “helm-operation-xxxxx” pods everyone 1 minute or so and they all just sit in pending.
Again with no logs… and I can’t seem to use the web based kube console, it just says “connecting” and never does anything.
what version of docker, and what’s your hardware?
The hardware is an old HP Proliant server running Ubuntu 20.04, and it’s docker version 20.10.17
Running the kubectl command locally on the box with the downloaded config, it is able to access the k3s instance running and I can issue commands.
Just no idea why things are stuck.
do you perhaps not have enough resources to schedule everything? how much cpu/memory does the box have? what do you get from
kubectl describe node
It’s pretty huge, dual 20 processors 96G ram
Docker is actually working on the same node fine, with other standalone containers