08/10/2022, 9:54 AM
Has anyone been able to update the max-pods setting when using EKS? After following the steps outlined in the AWS docs: I now can't get the change applied due to the Rancher managed Launch Templates. I can update the launch template to set the max-pods limit in the bootstrap script, but I can't apply this to the Autoscale Group created by Rancher as EKS complains about it being out of sync. Anyone got this working?
Seem rancher creates 2 launch templates. One without user-data and a second that configures the nodes but launches the first empty one... It's not clear how I would update the bootstrap args without breaking automation
I understand where
comes from, that documented but I get a second launch template created that actually seems to configure nodes and runs the bootstrap script in the user-data. This seems automatically generated by rancher too so I don't really want to force user-data on the rancher managed lt. If I create a new version and apply to the AutoScale group to get the max pods value updated then Rancher complains that EKS isn't managing the launch template and therefore loases control


08/10/2022, 12:34 PM
Rancher creates the launch template to configure the node group, but EKS is responsible for injecting the user data that bootstraps the node. You can add you own user data to the rancher-created launch template, but EKS will still inject its script.