Hey there community :)I have a questionI am trying...
# rancher-desktop
Hey there community :)I have a questionI am trying to import a minikube k8s cluster to Rancher with no success 😞All I get is (Over the minikube cluster) NAMESPACE cattle-system NAME pod/cattle-cluster-agent-6696b696d6-mw2kh READY 0/1 STATUS CrashLoopBackOff RESTARTS 46 AGE (39s ago) 5h2m and the ‘kubectl describe’ output is Events: Warning BackOff 2m34s (x800 over 5h1m) kubelet Back-off restarting failed container Has Anyone tried to import minikube cluster ? Details I am on a MAC(M1) machine Installed Rancher Desktop Installed with helm the Rancher cluster running the dockerd(mody) container runtime Pleaseeeee help 🙂