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08/03/2022, 2:27 PM
Hello experts, we are running Bamboo Application in Rancher Kubernetes cluster. The ingress servers are behind the F5 LB. We are using F5 LB to offload SSL. The communication between F5 and Ingress is on port 80. curl -vvv The above url is responding with the body referring the other url with "" - means with http There is a parameter in Bamboo to configure base url, we configured that as well as We tried these settings as well.
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<|>: "true"
<|>: "true"
Still not working. Ingress controller details: image: imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent image: imageID: docker-pullable:// (edited) Is there any setting we need to do in the ingress to update all the content in the body reffering to (edited)