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08/03/2022, 1:10 AM
shrug, ok... I can go through the and seeing how it obtains the IP assigned by GCP and crafts the name/IP. Thought there might be a simple way but after reading everything on-line, it looks way too complicated (although it shouldn't be) so maybe this is the best bet after all. Thanks for responding. I really appreciate that mate.
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I'd love to learn more terraform scripting but in my journey to understand kubernetes (and Rancher) more. I'm beginning to think that SUSE support doc on changing the URL is based on helm v2 and not v3 and that is where my problem is.
this is stupid... looking at the history of this issue and all the work Seb has done and even the SUSE docs aren't up to date to perform this on the SLES rancher server itself.