# rancher-desktop


07/28/2022, 12:21 AM
## Important Updates ### Preferences dialog Rancher Desktop now has a dedicated preferences dialog containing application, virtual machine, container engine, and Kubernetes settings. Changes are applied only after the "Apply" button is pressed, minimizing the time it takes to switch between configurations. ### Offline operation Rancher Desktop has been updated to work better in an offline environment. During initial setup a network connection is required to e.g. download the Kubernetes version to be deployed. But if Rancher Desktop is later run offline, then only the already cached versions will be available, and there should no longer be any delays or errors trying to fetch additional information online. This mode can also be used to setup air-gapped operation. Documentation for this is still being prepared. ### Other changes * The host resolver (DNS) on Windows is no longer considered experimental and is now enabled by default. It helps to resolve hostnames over VPN connections. * The "Port Forwarding" feature now allows the user to pick a specific port instead of choosing one randomly. ## Updated utilities -
has been upgraded to 20.10.17. -
has been upgraded to 2.6.1. -
has been upgraded to 0.22.0. -
has been upgraded to 3.9.1. -
has been upgraded to 0.30.0. ## Known Issuses * Due to upstream Kubernetes changes the automatic forwarding of NodePorts to the host no longer works for Kubernetes 1.22.10+, 1.23.7+, or any 1.24.1+ release (this also affects all previous Rancher Desktop releases). * It is not possible to push images to Docker Hub with
. Both of these issues will be addressed in a patch release later in August.
I just noticed that the release notes didn't say that the problem with
pushing to Docker Hub is specific to Linux; it works correctly on macOS and Windows. This has been broken since 1.4.1 (on Linux only).