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07/27/2022, 7:09 PM
Hi all. Trying to set up a Rancher Backup job. I have an S3 target configured, and am setting up an hourly backup of the rancher-resource-set, but Rancher keeps throwing an error: "You must define a ResourceSet in this namespace to create a backup CR." From what I am reading, this resource set should be auto-generated when I launch the Rancher Backup HELM chart, and need not be edited. Am I missing a step? I am following the guide here:


07/27/2022, 11:58 PM
Yes, a ResourceSet is auto-generated and shouldn't need to be manually edited. My first thought is, can you make sure you are creating the backup resource in the right namespace?


07/28/2022, 12:10 PM
Thank-you. I was so focused on getting the S3 bucket info correct that I did not think to check the namespace. I'll uninstall the helm chart (Cluster Tools) and reinstall while paying closer attention.
Adding more information in case someone hits this through a search: my cert was not base64 encoded so the Backup Helm chart was failing out due to a YAML parsing error. Converted the cert to base 64 and updated the Helm chart, and backups are running fine.