07/27/2022, 6:00 AM
Our Rancher clusters were created not from RKE. I am storing my Rancher clusters etcd backups in S3 bucket. When I am trying to restore them, I am ending up in a problem. When I am using "rke up" and rke commands, it is popping up rke is not installed. When i tried to install rke in cluster CLI, there cluster.yaml file is not available. I can restore them ETCD backup's from rancher UI. But , I want to restore from backup's that are store in s3 bucket.


07/28/2022, 2:22 PM
I thought you could use the S3 backup buckets as a restore source using the Rancher UI/CLI? I’ve never tried it using the RKE commands though, as that would require direct access to the RKE API - which would be running in a container if the cluster was provisioned via a Rancher Server.