07/26/2022, 10:13 PM
I've got a Dockerfile with a remote ADD in it that is failing with nerdctl on my local Windows, but working fine with docker in our GitHub Actions CI environment.
 => ERROR [5/6] ADD --chown=1001:0 <> /conf  0.0s
 > [5/6] ADD --chown=1001:0 <> /config/db2jcc4.jar:
  28 |     # this simple, but dependent on specific version, and undocumented
  29 |     ARG DB2_VERSION=
  30 | >>> ADD --chown=1001:0 <$DB2_VERSION/jcc-$DB2_VERSION.jar> /config/db2jcc4.jar
  31 |
  32 |     # <>
error: failed to solve: snapshot  does not exist: not found
FATA[0000] unrecognized image format
Well, possibly. But this should work too. Wondering if it's like certificate trusting, even...
1.5.0 same problem. And tried versions of editing
, as described in below link, on the theory that it could be the certificate:
I guess I'll open an Issue. I have to think that
isn't working correctly under RD/nerdctl, possibly with https URLs 🤷