05/24/2023, 5:09 PM
We have Rancher hosted on a k8s cluster. No airgapped challenges. On April 15 this year, the rancher chart was given upgrade instruction, it appears to have failed and remained in a Pending state. A roll back was attempted and now the Cattle-System : rancher release is stuck in "Pending-Rollback". Has anyone seen similar issues, overcome them, would like to share how the issue was corrected?
I have found a suggested solution, not specific to Rancher, indicating that the helm secret could be deleted in order to attempt the upgrade.
kc get secrets | grep helm
sh.helm.release.v1.rancher-webhook.v1   <|>                    1      184d
sh.helm.release.v1.rancher-webhook.v2   <|>                    1      92d
sh.helm.release.v1.rancher.v1           <|>                    1      184d
sh.helm.release.v1.rancher.v2           <|>                    1      179d
sh.helm.release.v1.rancher.v3           <|>                    1      92d
sh.helm.release.v1.rancher.v4           <|>                    1      24h
Im wondering • Has anyone else attempted this with the Rancher release? • Im assuming it is just the rancher.vN secrets that would need to be deleted?