# general


05/18/2023, 8:46 PM
Hi, I have a very general question of weird behavior of my new RKE2 cluster, after my RKE1 cluster decided to commit suicide, we ended up deploying a new RKE2 cluster using the terraform providers from Rancher (I can share the code if needed), it runs in a Debian 10 in a Docker Single Container deployment Rancher Version : 2.7.3 Kubernetes Version : v1.25.9+rke2r1 Node OS : Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, latest AMI ami-024e6efaf93d85776 After I saw that our Okta group assigment in the cluster did not work from Terraform, I ended up adding a few Okta groups as Cluster Members with the WebUI, and after taking easily 30 seconds to end the "Saving" step after editing a cluster, I saw that all of the nodes are getting recreated, and my question is, is that needed for a simple cluster member assigment? sounds very overkill to recreate all the nodes for that reason