05/18/2023, 6:17 AM
Hi All, I have Rancher_V2.6.11 Deployed in AWS EKS_1.24 With managed nodes (EC2 Instances). Rancher Backups are working (to S3 Bucket with IAM Role) with EC2 Metadata IMDSv1. But when i enable EC2 Metadata IMDSv2 , rancher backup is failing with error (ERRO[2023/05/18 06­čöč36] error syncing 's3-recurring-backup': handler backups: failed to check if s3 bucket [svmx-rancher-backups] exists, error: 401 Unauthorized, requeuing). Rancher document says EC2 Metadata IMDSv2 works with rancher. Can you please help here to see if i miss anything?