05/17/2023, 6:01 PM
Hi all, please can anyone help me? I have deployed Rancher version 2.7.1 on VM (aws ec2). I have created one cluster with one node (etcd, control plane and worker) - other VM on aws. I need to add new worker node. But when I try to run register agent on my new node (also aws ec2), they are not able to register into cluster. I see in kubelet container communication to localhost IP address (e.g. I think I made mistake in setup of first master node or Rancher itself, but is there any option how to change this IP address to FQDN of Rancher or public IP address of Rancher server?
­čĄŽ Ok issue resolved, I had firewall on my master node, so it was needed to allow port 6443 from new worker node to master node.
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